A lesson on creativity from Beyoncé

You don't build the career that Beyoncé has by staying complacent. Over her 25 year career, She's been constantly innovating. She has given us eras. Each one gave fans more than the last; More dancing, more costume changes, more new material. She has gone beyond the title of the singer to the ruler of her creative empire.

In an Elle Magazine interview, She talks about her fashion brand Ivy Park, Motherhood, self-care habits, and her quests for purpose. She also talks about her latest project, which was The Lion King: The Gift. A collaborative effort with creatives from across Africa to create a unique and authentic assignment that consisted of many artists, producers, and directors.

While looking at her other albums and creative projects, you'll quickly notice that it involves many other creators. One of the keys to Beyoncé's success is to surround herself in a collaborative environment with like-minded creatives. She studies and learns from other artists. From there, it builds and blooms until Beyoncé feels that it's ready to be released.

Beyoncé often gets criticized for being honored for her musical talents while having 50 to 100 writers and producers for her albums. Why do we believe that to be excellent means to create in isolation. No work is completed without influence from another. William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and Thomas Edison all work in collaboration with others. Shakespeare borrowed from other writers so much that critics claimed he wasn't a person but a pen name for four contributing authors.

When executed well, collaborations can yield excellent results. By being around other like-minded people, you're inspired to achieve more and grow as an artist. It would help if you found a community that allows you to say the things you need to speak and voice dreams and fears that feel silly, out of reach, etc. Your willingness to trust in a collaborator's influence might just overcome your challenges and present the opportunity to grow that you've been looking for.


Written By Victoria Nelson

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