Most Popular Subscription Channels and Platforms for Indie Artists

These days artists are using different platforms to showcase their talents at a greater chance of building a bigger fanbase before they are even signed to a record label. Since quarantine, even big artists such as The Weeknd and Billie Eilish have switched over to digital platforms to host live performances to replace the shutdown of concert venues. Now with the Delta variant making its way through the United States, going digital is not an uncommon thing for the music world. Everything we are used to doing in person is now converting to digital platforms and artists are finding themselves sharing their talent through Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

A platform can give an artist worldwide exposure while connecting with their fan base through their screens. Finding the right platform for artists is huge and determines your fanbase's demographics. Options such as Youtube Live or IGTV (Instagram TV) are available for use for viewers to watch artists right from their handheld devices. Many new artists such as Olivia Rodrigo are finding themselves going viral on TikTok to hold number one spots on music charts. 

Artists should consider sharing their music through subscription channels or social media platforms to widen their reach. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok offer Live options to showcase performances made easy from smartphones. Youtube offers subscriptions to build a fanbase through their platform and let subscribers follow an artist and get notified when new videos are uploaded. Other platforms artists should join are Tumblr and Twitter since these apps are made for creatives and can give their music a different reach off of the main platforms artists tend to use. 

Written By Chena Morrison 

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