Certified Lover Boy, when will it drop?

Everything Drake drops in the music industry always seems to sky-rocket its way to the top of the charts. Rightfully so, the hard work and dedication put into his music makes every fan want to listen in and immediately learn every lyric to sing along. 2021 is hopeful in bringing more hits to the music scene, because Drake and his team have been planning to drop his sixth studio album this year and he’s calling it Certified Lover Boy.

The anticipation for this album is creating a lot of buzz, and leaving fans waiting for the album to drop. Although the release date was set for January 2021, the launch was pushed back at a later date that is still to be determined. He did however announce on his Instagram that we can still expect the albums arrival in 2021, but as of right now he is focused on healing between his knee surgery and rehab. DJ Akademiks also took to Instagram to announce the album will still be dropping, and that Drake is working overtime on getting it out to his fans. He also mentioned we can expect to listen in before summertime comes around, bringing hopes around April of 2021.

Drake announced on OVO sound radio that the album is being “cheffed” and fans are trying to determine if that means Certified Lover Boy is in its last stages of coming together. Drake did however drop three tracks on his new EP early this March to hold off the pressure of his new album. Scary Hours 2 features “What’s Next” where Drake raps alone and is actually the most popular track of the three according to charts. “Wants and Needs” features Lil Baby, and “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” features Rick Ross who both made their debut onto Drakes new EP. As Spring makes its way around the corner, fans are trying to wait patiently for Drake’s new music. Hopefully May is the month of the year where fans will finally get to listen in on Certified Lover Boy.

Written By: Chena Morrison

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