Empowering The Youth

Empowering The Youth

Music is an international language and offers not only opportunities, but a way for the youth to express themselves through instruments. Studies show students who participate in music programs are actually proven to be beneficial to their education and cognitive factors. Schools who offer music programs see a higher graduation rate, because students more often want to attend and be present. The only dilemma is getting the music to the kids who live in under-resourced communities, or are unable to attend due to pandemic reasons. Here are some scholarships and programs made to empower the youth, to give them a chance to pursue their music dreams.

Harmony Project 

The Harmony Project based out of LA is one of the nations well known and effective youth program in the arts. They target low income families in communities lacking resources and funds for music programs. Their mission is to break down “systemic barriers” through academic support, helping the youth reach their aspirations through music. Harmony Project has also teamed up with Levi’s music project to open doors for those who would possibly never have had the opportunity to touch a musical instrument without the help of the program. Harmony Project reaches out and serves 16 key communities in Los Angeles County, focusing on under resourced communities. Each student who joins Harmony Project receives an instrument to take home, professional lessons, performance opportunities, access to scholarships, and family support services. 

La Jolla Music Society 

La Jolla Music Society is making music attainable to students who were affected by the pandemic and unable to continue their music passions. They have transitioned their free after school program to online, which offers free instruments and lessons to students in grades 4-12. La Jolla Music Society offers music education to 40 different schools through their Community Music Center program. Offering classes through zoom three days a week, their mission is to “increase students’ self confidence and resilience while providing a safe environment to study and create music.”

 Live Nation

Live Nation offers a scholarship program called the Music Forward Foundation, which has been around for over 25 years and has impacted 1 million students lives. Live Nation offers artist development, career development, and scholarships with a focus on underprivileged youth. Their mission is to provide leadership skills and career exploration to act as a bridge to success for students coming from under-resourced communities. 

Written by  Chena Morrison

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