How social media has affected the music industry

The music industry has gone through some significant changes that have revolutionized the way people consume music. According to industry experts, streaming technologies, and social media has changed the way music artists share their work and interact with listeners. Thanks to social media platforms, musicians are able to get real-time feedback from their followers to create an authentic connection.

Ease of access

New music has never been easier to come by. . Music streaming platforms make it easy for consumers to get access to their favourite songs conveniently. MU\usic sharing features on social media has opened up new opportunities for people to share what they are listening to with friends and followers. Over 90% of social media users share music-related content on social networks.

Music consumption habits of fans have changed

Over the last two decades, we’ve gone from MP3s and peer to peer music files from sites like LimeWire to paid subscriptions to online streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Streaming platforms use algorithms to learn user preferences which has led to a whole new world of music discovery.

Social media has broken down walls between music artists and fans

Independent artists are now putting their fate in their own hands. Independent  artists have more opportunities to reach new fans globally and allow indie artists to build their own platforms bypassing labels, uploading their projects to online streaming platforms and speaking to their fans directly through their social media. Some artists have taken this interaction to a new level and involve fans in the creation process.  

Tips for musicians to succeed on social media:

As a career musician, social media is your top priority. It's key to increasing your fanbase, networking for future gig opportunities, and marketing your latest work. And, building a presence on multiple platforms can work wonders for your visibility and grow your reach exponentially.

  • Keep an active, on brand profile showcasing your latest releases. Check out musician specific websites like:
    • Bandcamp
    • Drooble
    • Soundcloud
  • Create a list of relevant hashtags to post your content in
  • Create interesting behind-the-scenes content to share with your following
  • Upload tracks to Soundcloud that listeners can download for free
  • Sharing important details with your audience and create an interactive experience.

Music streaming and social media has impacted the way people interact with music and has proven to be a major influence in that during the last decade. The ease of access and convenience will become even easier and more immersive in the future. Connected devices, smart speakers, and VR will take users engaged beyond the screen with technology expanding the social functionalities beyond the streaming websites.Social media platforms will also continue to be the bridge where fans and artists connect.

Written By Victoria Nelson

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