How To Promote Your Music On TikTok

TikTok is famous for the best dance creations and entertainment, but like every social media app over time it has expanded to a diverse platform. It’s safe to say TikTok has become a platform for every generation to enjoy, as it has surpassed Instagram’s number of users. So what does TikTok have to do with upcoming artists trying to find a seat in the music industry? Everything! As TikTok makes it rise and grabs all the attention of social media users, getting your music on TikTok strengthens your chances of going viral. Saint Jhn released his song “Roses” back in 2016, which became a hit on TikTok four years later. According to Billboard, “Roses” did not reach its peak until July 4, 2020. Saint Jhn is first of many artists who has received a spot on Billboards top charts. 

TikTok gives upcoming artists a platform, while making it easy to navigate and create a chance for your music to reach users. After uploading your music to TikTok, its even easier to find fans who create videos with your song attached to them in one place. To get your music on TikTok, you have to first find your 15-30 second moment of your song clip that you know will lock ears. Olivia Rodrigo’s melancholic song “Driver’s License” blows up while giving users 20 seconds to come up with a unique video incorporating her lyrics. You can download platforms to distribute your music on TikTok, such as TuneCore that helps upload your album while crediting you the artist. From here, creating a challenge that other users can jump on makes TikToks go viral that help artists gain recognition. Creating a marketing strategy for your song to go viral includes making up challenges, using catchy hashtags, and collaborating with influencers on a duet video.

Written by Chena Morrison
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