Movie & Soundtrack Breakout Artist

From film to music, we never really get to see our favorite actors/actresses vocal talents unless they are starring in a musical. At times we will see a cameo of a famous artist make their way to the theatres, but never vice versa. When actors/actresses star in films and the audience gets to discover their other talents, it’s phenomenal what some of these undercover musical artists hold back. 

Junee Smollet-Bell is an American actress from New York City that has starred in many films and shows such as Tyler Perry’s Temptation, True Blood, and Lovecraft Country. She also starred in a women empowerment film by DC Comics, Birds of Prey as Black Canary, where she performs her first actual singing role. Smollet showcases not just her incredible acting skills, but she has a voice that compliments her talent on a whole other level. Birds of Prey is no musical film, in fact the opposite, action! Yet Smollet’s superpower as Black Canary is her “canary cry” which is a high frequency scream and a singing voice that belongs on an album. In fact, Jurnee Smollet made the soundtrack for Birds of Prey where she sings “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” an original James Brown hit.

Written By: Chena Morrison

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