New Artists on the Rise

Up and coming artists of 2021, these five ladies are bringing the heat and making a seat at the table for themselves in the music industry. Some of you may have already heard of them from dropping singles, featured in movies, or gaining a fan base through social media platforms. Here are the artists to look out for this year as they make their intro debuts with their talented voices. First up, Olivia Rodrigo, who is not shy from the spotlight, but new to the charts. 

You may have seen Rodrigo acting as Nine in the hit Disney+ series, the High School Musical: The Musical The Series (HSMTMTS). The 18-year-old is also famous for her role in the Disney Channel series called Bizaardvark. Her first single independent from her HSMTMTS tracks, 'drivers license', quickly rose to the top of the Billboard charts and has hit over 500 million plays on Spotify. Her debut album Sour featuring 'drivers license' and her two new singles, 'deja vu' and 'good 4 u', will be released this Friday.

You may have heard Erica Banks'Banks' latest hit when her song was trending for the Buss It Challenge all over TikTok and Instagram Reel. Banks, who is 22 years from DeSoto, Texas, signed to her label, 1501 certified, back in 2020 but just went viral this year. She is a female rapper and new to music altogether. Just two years before going viral, she actually stepped inside a recording studio for the first time in her life. From there is history, we expect to hear more viral hits from Banks. 

Dixie D'AmelioD'Amelio is the older sister to Charli D'AmelioD'Amelio, who shares the spotlight of the most famous sisters on TikTok. They both also created a podcast called ''2 Chix'' to discuss current trends and inspiration. Dixie just released a song with Wiz Khalifa called ''One Whole Day'' that now has 24 million hits on Spotify. 

Rubi Rose is not new to the scene, as she has been featured in music videos for the Migos' Migos' Bad and Boujee'Boujee' and is a well-known Instagram model. Her music started to take off, and she has made a sound for herself with her rapping style. She has gained recognition for her deep voice and beautiful music videos. Rubi currently balances her college life with her music career and still has time to create and drop new hits.

Last but not least, Arlo Parks is a British singer/songwriter who just released her album in January this year. ''Collapsed in Sunbeams'Sunbeams' hit number 3 on the UK Album Charts. Arlo is making her rise with her music that reflects her empathetic character in real life. She has taken the time and discovered her style and voice through different inspirations. Hopefully, this year, we will hear more of these musicians and see them develop in the spotlight.


Written By Chena Morrison

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