Return to Live Music

Through the pandemic of Covid-19, quarantine has made us get used to attending virtual concerts from the comfort of our own homes. At first musicians were not prepared, but had to adapt to abandoning the stages to perform online.

Since quarantine everyone has been craving to get back to music festivals and live performances, and now that live music is back, we can kick off our loungewear and go back to planning our concert outfits. So what can we expect now that live music is making its comeback? Expect long lines and sold out tickets because fans of music artists are ready to get back to the music scene. 

Return to live music may be a little different, since our new world has converted to everything six feet apart and digital media. Purchasing tickets may have changed all around, where venues are now offering touchless payments. The price is also altered slightly to add in the fees of safety precautions that venues need to uphold to keep live entertainment running smoothly. As ticket prices rise, eager fans still sell our venues to get the thrill of being back in the music crowd. 

Concert arenas are limiting their maximum capacity and in some countries may even require you to be vaccinated to attend concerts. New York City venues are looking to enforce vaccinated only concert goers to provide the CLEAR app to prove you are vaccinated to attend. You may even see Covid-19 testing tests on site at some of these big events. Even with these restrictions many concert halls are having no issues selling out seats that may have you distance your group 6 feet apart. It comes to no surprise that you may still need to wear masks at indoor venues when you are not eating or drinking, or when leaving your seats. Extra precautions within a big crowded space is what can keep the show running. These restrictions that are put in place help make concert goers feel safe and comfortable to go ahead and purchase those tickets to attend their favorite artists' events. 


Written by Chena Morrison 

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