Rise of DIY Music Producers

Independent music is slowly but surely taking over the music industry. Artists are coming to understand the business behind music more fully and see the opportunity for additional profits that comes with being an independent music producer.

 Owning your work product, managing who you work with, and having the creative license to make changes are some of the many benefits. Self-promotion is easier as well. Social media is a great tool for getting yourself out there and it offers the preferred method because that is where most producers' audience lives.

There is no need to hire musicians or book studio time making money less of a barrier than ever before. Technology advancements also play a major role in the success of DIY music producers. They can create and share their music much more affordably with just one computer and some basic equipment. 

The process can be so rewarding, but there is a reason that record labels are still growing: being an independent producer is hard. You have to navigate the music world without the money and access labels can provide for you.

But all of those benefits have the drawback of everyone having them too. Apple Music adds about 40,000 new songs to their seemingly unlimited catalog for streaming. Anyone can have the same ability to speak directly to a listener so finding your unique perspective and offering is more important now than ever.

The rise of DIY music producers because people are seeing the benefits and learning how to navigate those difficulties because betting on yourself and win, you get the benefits of that hard work.

Written By Angelique Killebrew


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