The Growing Interest In Attending Festivals Over Concert

It seems like every week a new artist is on the rise, a genre is coming back into popularity, and with COVID slowly dying down, everyone is yearning to see their favorite artists performing. However with such high demand and scalpers audiences of large popular artists are struggling to afford the traditional concert and for smaller artists, selling out small venues and arenas can be a risky endeavour. The current solution - festivals!

Festivals allow for combinations of musicians of different sizes, genres, and fanbases to get together at a more affordable rate for everyone to get involved. Festivals also give everyone a more fulfilling experience than the traditional concert with tons of vendors, some with carnival rides, insta-worthy shooting locations, and influencer opportunities. It often feels too good to be true at times. For festivals that don’t quite have the budget for that experience, fans are still getting the opportunity to see a variety of talented artists for a more palatable price. Festivals can serve some practical purposes, as well. With COVID not completely gone yet, most festivals take place in outdoor spaces with several acres of area for fans to explore, allowing for larger crowds in further proximity from each other than the traditional concert

Some of the current festivals ready to roll after COVID are Rock Fest, Rolling Loud. LollaPalooza, Coachella, Electric Zoo, Made in America, iHeartRadio, Gasparilla, and so much more are popping up each day. Keep your eyes out for your favorite artists banding together some time soon.

Written By: Makenzie Hall

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