Where to Find Local Music Programs and Resources For Kids

Interested in getting your child involved in music? Look no further, here’s a list of resources to help you get started both in person and online.

Music Teachers National Association

MTNA offers a resource hub of a researched sampling of the musical, youth-oriented programs on the Internet today for both parents and teachers to use. The hub features links for children of various ages, experiences, and dedication levels.

Children's Music Network

CMN is a network of artists, advocates, and educators who meet and stay in touch to share songs and ideas about children's music, to inspire each other about the empowering ways adults and young people can communicate through music, and to be a positive catalyst for education and community-building through music. Their chapters work to support the creation and dissemination of life-affirming, multicultural musical forms for, by, and with young people.  CMN regional chapters all around the country organize both local and regional gatherings which are open to CMN members and non-members alike. Check out their future events here. 

Music and Movement

A music & movement program is a library program in which participants engage both in physical activity and the creation of music. Based on research Let’s Move in Libraries conducted in Spring 2017, over 600 public libraries in the U.S. and Canada have already offered some sort of music and movement program.

A2Z Homeschooling: Free Music Lessons for Kids

A2Z Homeschooling offers a comprehensive list of online resources. They offer a variety of free online music lessons for kids (including lesson plans for music history and music theory), but also ways to download music for free, learn an instrument, and play games with music.

Outschool: Music Classes For Kids

Music Classes For Kids explores fun, social, and safe learning experiences  over live video chat. 100,000+ classes and courses of various lengths and price ranges are led by qualified teachers for ages 3-18.

Music Learning Games for Kids

This is a list of websites that offer exactly what the title suggests, music learning games for kids  that parents are hoping to get into music.

Educational Music Apps, Games, and Websites (1,2)

There's a ton of apps, games, and websites for teaching the basics of music and music composition and recording. With these great music apps, games, and websites, students can listen to and better understand music, make it, or just experiment with rhythm, pitch, looping, and more. Watch them turn tunes from major to minor, hear songs arranged for a range of instruments, make themed playlists, and record and mix pro-level tracks! With these tools, your students from elementary to high school will see how easy and fun it is to make digital music.


Kindermusik has been bringing the unparalleled benefits of music education to children and families around the world for 40 years. Based on decades of research, Kindermusik's curricula were designed especially for “non-music teachers” to enrich, enhance, and complement existing curriculum and programming, ensuring every child, 0-6 years old, receives the developmental benefits of Kindermusik.

Music Together

Each week in Music Together classrooms around the world, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids and adults gather to make music as a community. Offered at more than 3,000 locations and 40 countries, their  early childhood music classes give families with children from birth through age 8 the chance to get in touch with their inner musician and connect with other families.

343 Labs

For more serious kids wanting to be immersed in the world of music technology, they can receive a full day of classes and activities, both on their computer and away from their computer, from music production, music theory, and songwriting, to music history and appreciation, collaboration, and performance. This program is taught using certified instructors, personal mentoring, small classes, and a discord community. 

School of Rock

Based in the Tampa Bay Area and online, School of Rock offers music camps and workshops perfect for musicians of all skill levels who play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals. They also have specific programs for various breakdowns of children ages 3-18.

Written By MaKenzie Hall
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