Women in the Music Industry: Beyonce - Black is Queen

Who doesn’t love them some Beyoncé? Queen B is known to have her own fan club who calls themselves the BeyHive, and very passionate to come through for their idol. From starting out as one of the members to Destiny’s Child to producing and directing films for Netflix and Disney, she never falls short from excellence. As a minority woman, she can be inspiring to other women for the success she has come across and the dedication she puts into her art. Everyone knows Beyoncé for her powerful voice and top chart hits, but she also has pushed out projects other than albums. 

Black Is King being one of them, is a musical now available on Disney plus that was directed, written, and produced by the one and only Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. This musical is all about celebrating African culture and Black people while giving insight and praise on their roots and ancestors. It’s a beautiful film about a prince who goes on a guided journey by his ancestors to find self-identity to get back his throne. Through music and dance, the story unfolds and represents Black resilience. Beyonce produced an album for this film, where Brown Skin Girl was nominated for Best Music Video for the Grammys. Black Parade is also in key nominations for Record of the Year for the Grammys 2021.

Beyoncé is not shy from the screens, with her documentary Homecoming that made its debut back in 2019. Homecoming is a documentary about Beyoncé’s performance at Coachella 2018, and the building up to the event which was also directed by herself. The film shows a behind the scene footage of all the hard work and dedication leading up to her performance for the music festival. Homecoming has also won a Grammy for Best Music Film.

The Single Ladies singer also gives back. Beyoncé has curated a program for those in need of financial help during the Covid-19 pandemic called the BeyGood Impact fund for those impacted in housing crisis’. Those facing foreclosures and evictions can apply for a grant to help turn around their problems. Beyoncé has also helped over 250 small businesses with $10k in grants over the pandemic with the BeyGood Small Business Impact fund. 

Written by Chena Morrison

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